To excel in the booming industry of massage therapy services, you need to have certain technical skills in order to thrive. As health care expenses can be very costly, people look for innovative and less expensive options to take care of pain management problems and reduce issues related to depression and anxiety with holistic massage. You need to receive technical training to become a licensed holistic massage therapist. We will be sharing some of the benefits that a Holistic Massage Therapist enjoys with you:

1)    Completion of the Massage Therapy course provides the skills needed to become a trained Massage Therapist

  • The best way to master massage therapy skills and techniques is through attending and completing a recognised Massage Therapy course
  • You will learn about musculature, anatomy in addition to different techniques about massage therapy.
  • It offers the opportunity to get hired as a therapist in leading spas, massage centers and even in private clinics.
  • It is a rewarding career path and the beauty industry is growing across the globe.

2)    Professional Recognition as a Qualified Therapist 

  • From 1st March 2018, there is a new modification made by the government. The changes state that it is mandatory for 80% of the employees within a massage establishment to have a certificate that is recognised by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD). One such recognised massage course is ITEC level 3 diploma in holistic massage offered by Imelda.
  • These days, the profession of a Holistic Massage Therapist is considered to be a respected one and that is because of the amount of effort required to become a licensed practitioner.
  • You can enroll in the course at different career stages. It’s not only for beginners and if you want to learn more and improve your therapeutic skills you may also enroll.

3)    Holistic Therapist may gain International Exposure 

  • Major Tourist spots as well as cruise ships across the globe prefer hiring qualified massage therapists, turning it into an excellent career option for those who seek to work in eye-catching surroundings.
  • If you are ready to relocate to a new location then this profession is the perfect choice for you. You will get the opportunity to work in 5-star resorts, beachside tourist spots, snow-capped mountain areas, on the cruise ships and many other exotic locations. People who love to explore new destinations will find it both challenging and rewarding.
  • Massage therapists can decide the working hours in some peaceful environment if they choose to be self employed professionals. The location can be well decorated with scented candles and soothing music in the background to set the mood to relax the mind and soul of the client.


4)    Flexible Working Hours

  • If you are running your own spa business or working as a freelance massage therapist, you can have the freedom to arrange clients’ appointments according to your own schedule.
  • Generally, Massage therapists do not work fixed and regular hours. It is based on scheduling and shifts if you work in a team-based environment.

5)    Massage therapist offers invaluable service

  • Massage therapists offer exceptional services to people who are suffering from pain, recovering from injuries, or are under stress.
  • Massage therapy techniques help with the process of healing fast and improve circulation, in addition to restoring emotional balance.
  • Application of Therapeutic yoga system helps in addressing several health challenges, reduce medical symptoms and increase vitality.
  • For Post-workout recovery, the need for a holistic approach is there to control physical and mental strain which is caused due to anaerobic exercises.
  • For body relaxation and health management, holistic therapists are in high demand. Steam baths, body scrubs, manicures as well as pedicures and, body massages and facial are part of massage therapy

6)    Massage therapists remain physically active

  • As the nature of the career requires you to use the right pressure to ensure an optimal massage experience, it can be very physically demanding but rewarding for your own physical health.
  • Massage therapists are always on their feet and often use their entire body to carry out the massage.
  • Hence, it is not necessary for therapists to join the gym or do Yoga separately to stay fit as the job itself requires much physical activity.


7)    Increasing demand for Skilled and Licensed Massage Therapist 

  • Popularity and value of holistic massage therapy is at its peak and gaining international recognition.
  • Job opportunities are plenty for a massage therapist. Especially in countries like Singapore, where there is an increased demand for Massage Therapists.
  • The need for Massage Therapist is steadily increasing. Specifically in places like nursing homes or in retail centres. Elderly people especially who experience body pain and muscle aches are in need of holistic massage therapy for relief.  

8)    The opportunity to be your own boss

  • It’s a skillset which can offer you the opportunity to be your own boss as a good percentage of therapists end up having their own businesses.
  • You can work as a freelancer and travel to a client’s place or location to provide a massage therapy session.
  • After gaining popularity as a therapy specialist, you can start your own spa business where you employ other massage therapists and offer clients a wide range of beauty services and massage techniques.
  • If your massage therapy skills are exceptional and surpass expectations, satisfied clients will happily return for your services and become your regulars.
  • There is a high possibility that those clients will recommend you to others through word-of-mouth which will help expand your client base.


9)    Opens new career pathways and exciting opportunities

  • There are different branches of massage therapy which falls under holistic healthcare. It turns it into viable career options for a holistic massage graduate.
  • Popular types of holistic massage therapy include:
  1. Swedish massage
  2. Neuromuscular therapy
  3. Reflexology
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Reiki
  6. Movement therapy
  7. Deep tissue massage
  8. Kinesiology

10)    A rewarding career that will benefit you and others

  • A massage therapist is a noble profession that can help others in need and heal those who may suffer from severe stress or pain, as the massage services can ease away their suffering. Your patients will be grateful to you for helping them on their road to recovery.
  • You will find the career path not only useful but rewarding to yourself and others in need of your therapy. If you truly find the joy and satisfaction in helping others then this is the perfect career path for you.

Course Overview

If you are looking for a career change, then the profile of a holistic massage therapist can be a good choice.  You may want to consider joining the beauty course which is from the UK and conducted by industry experts. The course is offered in English and Chinese language. To join, you will need to be at least 16 years of age.

The experienced trainers will guide you through the whole process efficiently to help you become a certified and full-fledged Massage therapist. You will be surprised to know that the demand for massage therapists is topping the list of popular career options.

Earning a diploma in holistic massage skills can create a huge difference in one’s career in the beauty industry. In order to meet the expectations and demands of clients these days, you will be better equipped to succeed with the necessary knowledge and skill obtained from a recognized course. It is good to note that excellent remuneration is often offered to specialists who are multi-skilled. You can be the one treasured gem of the industry. Click here to find out more about Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage by ITEC (UK).