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The beauty industry is a vast world made for those who have a passion for art and innovation. If you genuinely feel like you have the passion and skills, developing a career in the beauty industry might be on top of your list. While the beauty industry is huge, the competition that goes with it is tough.

For instance, a formal certification isn’t always required for those who would like to be a hairstylist or makeup artist, but chances of success are slim if you’re not professionally equipped. On the other hand, there’s an enormous possibility that you’ll succeed if you opt to take a beauty course at a reputed beauty school. Passion would be your driving force to succeed in the field, but along with it would be a number of other factors you have to acquire in order to successfully create a name for yourself in the business.

Landing on this article would mean that you are determined to succeed in the beauty industry – you just don’t know where to begin. We are here to guide you, so keep on reading to discover our top tips on how to succeed in the cosmetology industry.

Get ahead in the beauty industry with the following tips (in order of priority):

how to Succeed in Beauty Industry

1. Understand your Skills and Potential

This may sound cliché, but it’s your first step to success. It is quite significant that you understand the things you’re good at. Going for a path that’s not even your forte to begin with tends to be immensely draining. To understand your potential is basically about knowing your strengths and how to maximize them to contribute to your success. Are you passionate about experimenting with hairstyles or nail art for instance? In that case, a career in the beauty industry might be right for you!

2. Start with the Right Training at a Reputed Cosmetology School

Boosting your skills with the help of top-tier professional guidance will make a huge difference. Yes, you may have the skills to complete a bridal makeup look, but proper training in a reputed beauty school would make you understand the intricacies of it. The difference in face shapes, the right mix of eyeshadows, proper flawless makeup application, and even professional hairstyling – these are things that you can only learn in a beauty school.

3. Focus on Specialized Training to Advance your Skills

Enrolling in a reputed beauty school will not only polish your skills, but also refine and upgrade it. A specialized training program will help you be the master of your own craft by learning beyond the basics. Additionally, this will also add credibility to your name as future clients will feel confident that you’re the best at what you do.

4. Learn from Successful Beauty Bosses & Hair Stylists: Study their Techniques

Learning through the rich experience of successful beauty professionals and hairdressers would give you a much better insight in your career path. Their experiences allow you to fully understand the necessary techniques on a personal level. It’s a way to learn from their mistakes, possess their determination and apply their mastery to your ongoing beauty journey. Following a successful beauty guru or celebrity hairstylist can provide you with much-needed guidance to succeed in your own career endeavors.

5. Practice Makes Perfect: Volunteer your Services

There’s always room for improvement and the continuous practice of your skills will make you the best of the best. One effective way to practice your skills is to find people who are willing to go on a makeover with no price tag involved. While volunteering your services, always maintain a professional mindset that this person is a potential client. Give them your best and don’t take them for granted just because it’s free of charge.

6. Seek out Opportunities

Opportunities do not always present themselves voluntarily in front of your door. For you to succeed in the beauty industry, you have to learn how to knock on several doors to seek for opportunities. You may experience rejection along the way, but that should not end your journey. Prepare your heart and mind for whatever the opportunity has to offer and make sure to take advantage every bit of it. For instance, you might have to try your luck at different hair salons before you finally land the job you’d been waiting for. Once that’s done, you’ll have to build on your experience to make a name for yourself in the industry. Make the most of it!

7. Prepare for Success

Being at the top of your beauty/hair game does not mean that the difficult part is over. Prior to being successful in your chosen beauty career, you will experience hardships, encounter toxic people and spend chunks of time and money. Prepare for the worst and keep on improving your professional mindset towards your goal to success.

8. Develop People Skills

The ability to connect with people is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in the beauty industry. Apart from your creative skills, building relationships would be the core foundation of your career success. Go beyond being friendly! Show personal interest, learn from them and always give people a warm smile.

9. Start Networking to Expand your Contacts

Begin with connecting to people and brands related to your craft. Having a number of stable connections in your field will expose you to better opportunities and a broader market. Remember, your contacts are not limited to potential individual clients; it also includes beauty brands, marketing experts, professional mentors, and entrepreneurs.

10. Build and Strengthen Relationships

Trust is very important in all aspects of success. Expanding your network is useless if 90% of them barely know you. For them to know your name and contact details isn’t enough. Be open to collaborations and work with them to strengthen your connection. Show them your passion and share the advanced skills you have acquired from beauty school for them to realize that you’re also important to their business.

11. Start Marketing & Advertising to the Right Audience

Quality more than quantity – this greatly applies to marketing your skills and services. While marketing to a thousand people sounds ideal, you are unlikely to get useful results if more than 50% of these people won’t need your services. Understand your audience and identify those who are relevant to your target.

12. Never Stop Exploring New Beauty & Hair Trends

The internet is a great source for the latest hair and beauty trends, but it’s not always a hundred percent reliable. The beauty of being in a top-tier beauty school is that you have the advantage of being one step ahead in terms of what’s hottest. Reputable beauty schools have abundant sources, as well as top experts in the field to supply you with relevant hair and beauty-related information to keep you ahead of the curve.

13. Always Aim for the Best Results

The world of beauty is full of gray areas and because of this, a lot of individuals pursuing a career in this field try to stay on the safe side. However, the safe side is not always the best. When working with clients and business partners, you should always aim for the best results. This can be done if you are passionate, equipped with the right set of skills and have the ability to work perfectly within a team.

Your success should not solely rely on the skills you already have. There should be room for growth and discovery in order for you to achieve your goal of succeeding in the beauty industry.

Are you still not sure where exactly to begin your beauty journey? Starting off on the right note with a recognized beauty certification such as a NITEC in Beauty & Wellness or a NITEC in Hair Fashion & Design can give you a great head start. Advance your career in the beauty industry today!