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Deferment Policy

• A student who requests for Deferment (i.e. delay or postpones the course) must either have their existing contract terminated or sign an addendum to reflect the changes.

• All request must be made in writing. Verbal notice is not accepted.

• For all terminated Student Contracts, a new student contract will be signed based on the procedures for executing student contracts. The Refund Policy shall apply unless as otherwise agreed between the School and the Student.

• Any deferment would be addressed on a case by case basis and the School will have the final decision on whether the deferment is approved or rejected.

• Any deferment request that exceeds 12 months from the course commencement will be deemed as withdrawal.

• For students that are under 18 years of age, written consent from the parent / legal guardian must be obtained.

• Submitting the request does NOT automatically result in an official deferment. Students must ensure that they receive a formal notice / confirmation form the Institute regarding the outcome of their request for deferment.

Conditions for granting deferment:

• The School will have final say in all deferment cases. This will be based on availability of the Schedules and Classes.

• Students can apply for deferment of semester / unit with no limits within 12 months from the course commencement. Extension of deferment period will only be considered should there be very valid reasons and additional supporting documents provided by the student.

• In applying for deferment, student has to take note of the course completion timelines. Students must ensure that there is sufficient time for them to complete their studies according to the timeline.

Course Completion Timeline:

• Students must complete their course within the following timeline from the date of class commencement:

• Within 1.5 years for course duration up to 6 months

• Within 2 years for course duration up to 1 year

• Offering of units / courses are subject to availability. The school reserves the right to offer similar unit(s) in replacement of discontinued unit(s).

Course Deferment Procedure

Step 1. Student to Submit Course Deferment Form

Note: For students below 18 years of age, School to contact parents/guardians to verify that they give their consent for the request for deferment.

Step 2. Approval of Course Deferment by Academic Department

Step 3. Issue Letter to Effect Course Deferment

Note: Students are to ensure that addendum to PEI Student Contract has been signed.