There are quite a few myths regarding beauty schools and perhaps these come from past stigmas attached to the industry. It is, however, an ever-growing industry and skilled specialists in this field are in demand around the world and always will be.

Many believe these myths such as the belief that there will be difficulty earning a living after graduation. Anyone with a great passion for the industry may be deterred from following their dreams because of these myths which is why we provide the facts.

We uncover the truth about some of the most common myths:

Myth 1. Exorbitant Fees and Lack of Financial Aid

Beauty courses are recognized as an important way for potential students to harness a real skill that can be used as for employment purposes. This is why establishments do offer affordable courses with reasonable fees.

Fact: Imelda offers reasonable beauty course fees. There are also financial aid options such as a 95% Grant and $500 off via Skill Credit.

Myth 2. Beauty Courses are Only for the Young

There is no maximum age limit to anyone beginning a career in the beauty industry. Anyone with a passion, regardless of their age, can make a success of it.

Fact: At Imelda, the minimum age for ITEC courses is 16 years old and ITE courses is 18 years old. The oldest person to ever have been accepted was, in fact, 71 years old.

Myth 3. There are Fewer Employment Opportunities

There are many employment opportunities within the beauty industry. It is a much-needed service with a continuously growing demand.

Fact: At Imelda, we assist all students with seeking employment after they have graduated and we have a success rate of over 90%.

Myth 4. There are Limited Career Options

Gone are the days when 1950’s housewives sold beauty products door to door. These days, the beauty industry is huge and includes a diverse range of specialities. Beauty school graduates do, in fact, have a wide range of career options.

Fact: Imelda graduates have plenty of career opportunities that range from working with small businesses to established beauty brands. Our extensive range of speciality courses ensure our graduates become highly skilled and qualified. 

Myth 5. There is a Lower Earning Potential

There is, in fact, no limit to the earning potential of anyone working in the beauty industry. The opportunities are rife and there is much room for growth, especially if graduates harness their skills and learn a variety of specialities.

Fact: Imelda graduates have gone on to become highly successful specialists in the beauty industry. There is no limit to their potential success.

Myth 6. There is No Accreditation

It is best to choose a recognized establishment to study any kind of beauty course. This is to ensure they make the most of their learning experience and find the best employment opportunities once they have graduated.

Fact: Imelda guarantees accreditation with ITEC which is actually recognized in more than 33 countries around the world.

Myth 7. Its Not Necessary to Get Certified Before Working in the Beauty Industry

Having certifications gives anyone an edge over those who don’t and because the industry is vast, graduates have ample opportunities to work in general or specialized areas in high end establishments such as day spas that are frequented by the rich and famous. It is best to have the upper edge in order to reach the highest levels of success.

Fact: As of 1st of March 2018, 80% of the employees within a massage establishment must have certifications that are recognized by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD). Imelda is a reputable school that ensures all graduates get the necessary certifications needed.

Myth 8. There is a Single Cosmetology Certification for All Beauty School Courses

While beauty school students can begin with studying a more generic beauty course, it is possible to specialize in one area of expertise through advanced courses. Each specialized service and the level of the course has its own relevant certification.

Fact: Imelda offers a diverse range of courses that are available for students to gain a wide area of expertise or for them to specialize in one area. Each course has its own certification and we have an annual pass rate of over 95% for all courses collectively.

Myth 9. Beauticians Make Little Impact on People’s Lives

Beauty treatments of all kinds are increasingly popular. Everyone wants to improve how they look and feel about themselves and beauticians play a big role in this. Beauticians, therefore, do have a huge impact on people as their services are tailored for helping people feel confident and relaxed.

Fact: Imelda is dedicated to providing the right education for graduates to become highly skilled and much-needed specialists in the beauty industry.

Myth 10. No Creativity is Required Within this Industry

The beauty industry is a creative one. Makeup and hair trends are becoming more and more inventive and it is important to have some skill in order to excel in various areas.

Fact: At Imelda, students are encouraged to harness their creativity as we provide guidance on creating various style and looks. Furthermore, beauty trends are forever evolving and it is important for us to keep up to date with teaching current trends and new techniques.

Beauty schools offer a diverse range of courses that cover all aspects of the beauty industry and are available as part-time and full-time courses. Students can be exposed to a variety of beauty services through the beginner course but there is also the option to specialize in a specific field of the beauty industry such as hair styling, makeup, skin care and massage therapy. It is an incredibly diverse industry that offers graduates great potential for success. Now that the truth behind these common myths has been uncovered, it is possible to make an informed decision about choosing the right beauty course.