25 Essential Skills - Beauty School

Are you passionate about anything that touches on beauty and cosmetology? If yes, then going to a makeup academy can help you pick up vital skills that touch on beauty, makeup, skin, hair, nail care, spa treatment and various body styling techniques.

The courses take a short period, and enable you to acquire skills that allow you to open your own business or work successfully in an established beauty and cosmetology business. These skills are timeless, and you will enjoy high returns because clients also wish to work with a professional who understands the intricacies of this field.

You might be wondering what kind of skills you will learn at a prestigious beauty school?

Here are the 25 Essential skills you can only learn only at Beauty School:

  1. Flawless Makeup Finish

Flawless Make up

You learn to give the perfect makeup finish for every occasion, and one that will last the day. Always wanted to try a setting spray but unsure about which one to choose? Beauty school helps you learn exactly which tool to use for a particular task.

  1. Complexion Enhancement

We offer you the skills to enhance your clients’ complexions, and promote glowing and supple skin, complete with improved texture and tone. You also get to know which facial products to choose for each client, depending on their skin type.

  1. Enhancement of Face Shape

Clients will usually approach you to help enhance their face shapes. You can help them to decide on what hairstyle to use for this purpose. You get the knowledge to advise the client on what kind of wigs and extensions to choose to make a face look more oval or wider, depending on the circumstances.

  1. Styling of All Hair Types and Textures

Hair Style

Not only do you get to understand the various tools to style different kinds of hair, but you also get the knowledge to hold the hair together in a particular style, while making it healthier and bouncier. With so many tools available on the market, finding the right type requires knowledge and skills that you can only learn in beauty school. You also need to know the professional procedure for dyeing, highlighting and treating the hair.

  1. Customized Manicures

Each client has a specific need when it comes to their nails. One will choose a specific finish while another one will want something fancier. At beauty school, we teach you how to satisfy the needs of the client without compromising on the results. You can use the same product and come up with different results for different clients or use different products for each client.

  1. Haircutting & Styling

While in beauty school, you discover the different tools that are available for cutting hair. You learn about the latest trends in cutting, coloring, and design of the hair for men, women, and kids. You get to master the use of clippers and razors for styling.

  1. Understand Hair Texture

You get to understand the different hair textures common to different races. Remember, different styles will work differently on a wide range of textures. You need to know the needs of each texture and understand various concepts, which give you an idea of the right hairstyle or haircut that will please your client. You can develop the skills at a reputed beauty school.

  1. Personalized Pedicures


Nail services such as pedicures are an intricate part of beauty and cosmetology. But do you know that there are more than five other nail services apart from these basic services that you need to understand so that you can offer a complete experience to your clients? These services form part of the course we offer in beauty school.

  1. Customized Facials

A facial isn’t a single skin treatment procedure – it involves extraction, steaming, creams, exfoliation, peels, facial masks, massages, and lotions. Knowing what each of these treatments entails and how to perform them successfully is one of the benefits of taking up a course in beauty school.

  1. Safe Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the top requests you will receive from clients. You need to understand the tools necessary for the procedure and how to safely implement it. A client will need hair removal from different parts of the body; it is your role to know what kind of tools to use and how to use it safely to prevent injury.

  1. Advanced Makeup Techniques

Makeup Techniques

Anyone can apply makeup, but it needs skills and knowledge to master the art of proper makeup that stands out. You need to know the different types of makeup styles, and what kinds of tools you have at your disposal and how to use them for the best results.

  1. Professional Skin Care

You can have all the cleansers, peels, moisturizers, serums and treatments in this world, but lack of the right skills makes them useless to your career. Attending beauty school makes sure you know what each treatment does and when to use it for the right effect.

  1. Artificial Nail Enhancements

Most people aren’t satisfied with their natural nails; this is where you come in. with the right skills for recommending and applying the right nail enhancements, you can lengthen, enhance the appearance and strengthen the natural nail, much to the delight of the client.

  1. Creative Nail Art

Nail Art

Are you looking for skills in nail painting that will put you on the front page of the local beauty magazine? A short course in this field will give you the skills to come up with designs that get you noticed.

  1. Grooming

Beauty doesn’t end with women – even men will come to your salon for some hair care. Attending beauty school gives you the necessary skills to execute mustache and beard trims, facial massages and hot towel shaves using the right tools and accessories.

  1. Chemical Treatment Services

We train you in techniques for applying chemicals to the hair for the ultimate effect. Some of the techniques you learn include relaxation, coloring and bleaching for the perfect look.

  1. Communication Skills

A reputed beauty school covers communication skills as well, as cosmetology students are required to provide the best experience to their future customers. Whether you plan to set up your own salon or work at one – this is an essential skill you’ll need to grow your business.

  1. Chemistry of Color

Chemistry of Color

A majority of the hours you spend in beauty school involves learning how to mix hair color to complement the client’s skin and makeup. You also pick up skills to perform full or partial sets of highlights.

  1. Safety, Sanitization and Sterilization

As much as the results depend on the tools and accessories, you also need to do your work in a clean environment. You learn how to clean irons, hair rollers, scissors, brushes and combs properly. In addition to that, you also learn how to maintain proper workstation maintenance for the safety of the client at all times.

  1. Understand Anatomy of Hair, Nails and Skin

You might think that it isn’t so important, but you need to understand the physical makeup of the body, as you will come into contact with skin on various parts of the body. Knowing the physical makeup of the body helps you spot and deal with potential issues.

  1. Massage Techniques

Massage Technique

Beauty and cosmetology isn’t all about applying makeup and styling hair. You also need to understand how to massage the products into the skin of the client. You will learn the correct massage techniques for different parts of the body.

  1. Create Personalized Makeup Regimens

A client that comes to you might be looking for a professional makeover that won’t just change their look for a day, but for long. A beauty school helps you learn various techniques that enable you to customize a look to suit the lifestyle of your clients.

  1. Know How to Contour to Alter Features

With the right skills, you can change the facial features of your client. At beauty school, you learn vital contouring techniques that allow you to showcase different facial features. You use highlights and shades to hide or emphasize different areas of the face.

  1. Match Makeup To Hairstyles

Whether you specialize in cosmetology or hairstyling, your training will include essential hairstyling skills. You are provided with training on how to use the right makeup to compliment clients’ hairstyles and help them look their most attractive.

  1. Business Skills

A prestigious beauty school won’t leave you without any business and ethics skills – for your future job. You learn how to open your own beauty salon as well as how to run it successfully. You also learn how to handle clients and manage your income.

What’s Next?

Beauty Trends

Trends constantly change, because of which you need to update your beauty and cosmetology skills constantly. The skills that were in vogue ten years ago aren’t the same skills that are trending as we speak.

Attending a reputable cosmetology school will help you learn new skills or build on what you already know. You also get access to a network of peers and teachers who keep you up to date with changes in the industry.

Discover what you can learn at beauty school today!